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Profielnaam: ellena
Voornaam: Ellena
Stad: Eindhoven
Provincie: Noord-Brabant
Land: Nederland
Geboortedatum: 08-08-1978
Je bent zelf: Vrouw
Persoonlijkheid: Dominant
Sociale status: Vrijgezel
Beroep: Healthcare
Hobbies: photography,movies,travelling
Lengte (in cm): 165
Gewicht (in kg): 86
Plaats bericht:
Bijzonderheden: 100% real chatter
Stem op ellena:
Bezoekers: 43808 bezoekers sinds 29-09-2013
Wat valt er verder nog te vertellen?: 42 years old Asian Full figure mix indo and chinese, educated, short black hair, very dark brown eyes almost black, light brown skin.
Looking for :
OBEDIENT, well hung,tall ,slender, slave boy of her own...expecting he is living alone cause i am not receiving.
preferable younger or around her age.

For me Domination is an art. A journey which both of us would emerge as a new people.Hardened but tender, wondrously alive.

What kind of MISTRESS i am?
I am a keeper and caring mistress. Once u surrender ur self to me then U R MINE, I OWN U. I don;t like to share u with anyone. BUT if u want me to set u FREE, i will ...BUT u will never EVER can come back to me. Cause i don;t want u anymore.

I BELIEVE...In submission there is freedom ...In Domination there is responsibility ...In both there is love.
Fulfilling my wishes is ur TASK, Slave wishes is to see their mistress satisfied. And if u cannot handle that ...U dont deserve to be my slave at all.

What kind Of Domination u r gonna into with me?
LUST. U will serve And be used to satisfaction my sex appetite.
And if u r being a good boy...maybe i will let u have ur satisfaction.
If not...then forever u will wait.

I am not into sadistic or Psycho things.
I am not into all that.
I could be cruel but i liked it best when i knew that i was bringing pleasure. i want to have a connection with a person i tortured, to feel affection to them, not to have them debase themselves for me as easily so they would for anyone in catsuit and a pair of a boots. simply because they wanted to be treated like scum.
The AIM is always PLEASURE...keep that in mind.

Do understand what is BDSM all about...then u will find your pleasure in it.

How? We will see...:)
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  • 19:36 7 oktober 2020
    interested lets talk?
  • 16:42 16 februari 2020
    interesse gewekt. wij als koppel
  • 21:08 13 augustus 2019
    Hallo Meesteres
  • 00:32 22 juli 2018
    Hello Miss Ellena,

    It was nice talking with you and I think we are very similar mentally about the dom-sub relation. I hope we can talk some more another time.

    xxx B
  • 09:06 10 februari 2018
  • 20:58 27 september 2017
    hey mrs you are just my type, i would love to get in contact with you
  • 14:14 27 september 2017
    Sorry Mrs my Internet failed and now the chat is full. Im interested in u because ive been looking for a Mrs in the same area for a while. I hope u will accept me . Greetings bobby